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Yesterday marked then end of Get Woodworking Week.  This is part 1 of the video I was preparing for the festivities.   Somewhere between the hustle and bustle of work and learning Final Cut Pro X, editing got a bit delayed.  Well, as they say, better late than never!

In this episode we start building a laminated butcher block countertop for my kitchen island.  We cover wood selection and milling of the pieces.

This is a great beginner project because it focuses on milling, glueups, and finishing without any complicated joinery and can easily be scaled down to cutting board size.  Admittedly you do need a jointer, planer, and tablesaw.  These tools, however, are staples of a power tool woodworker’s shop.  If you don’t have access to them, try searching around for a shared shop in your area like the Sawdust Shop or TechShop.

The book I mention in this episode is Understanding Wood by R. Bruce Hoadley.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a rock solid understanding of the properties of wood.

Enjoy and Get Woodworking!

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In this episode I show you how to make a simple wooden saw vase based off the design from the Norse Woodsmith blog.  A saw vise is an essential piece of equipment for saw sharpening. Without one it’s virtually impossible to support the saw correctly while filing the teeth.  Unfortunately, buying a new or used vise is easily the most expensive part of getting started in an otherwise cheap endeavor.  Building a shop made vise is a workable alternative that lowers the barrier to entry.

Hardware Used

Saw Sharpening Links

Hand Tool School

A great resource for leaning hand tool techniques.  The most recent lesson (semester 2 lesson 1) is all about sharpening and has some great info on saw sharpening at the end.


Vintage Saws’ Saw Filing–A Beginner’s Primer

A veritable treatise on saw filing with the beginner in mind.  This is how I learned to sharpen saws.


Hand Saw Sharpening DVD by Tom Law

Lots of good information on saw sharpening.  This is obviously a transfer from VHS and the video quality suffers here.  Hard to get a good visual feel of the process.

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EDIT: I misspoke when I named my tablesaw as a PM2000.  It’s actually the older PM66 which is why I can’t get a riving knife for it. (Thanks Dean for pointing that out!)

There’s something oddly intimidating about staring down a camera for the first time in an empty room.  Add to that spending hours editing, watching yourself, noticing every odd mannerism and you come away with quite the humbling experience.  I certainly have added respect for the other video podcasters out there.  That being said, I had loads of fun making this and know it will get easier and more polished in the future.

Shop Location: Oakland, CA

Shop Type: Bottom floor of my warehouse loft.

Shop Size: 15’x25′

In this first episode we take a tour of my shop.  I go over what works and doesn’t work about the setup and have lots of mini tool reviews along the way.

(Link to the Fine Woodworking article I mentioned on Dust-Proofing Any Tablesaw)