Quick Tip: Dig For Veneer Stock

Monday, January 23, 2012

I’m planning on doing some inlay work on the leg vise, endcap, and deadman of my new bench and wanted to find some really nice wood to use.  Something with lots of figure and interesting grain pattern to play with.  I also didn’t want to buy a whole 10 foot board just to get a small piece of veneer.

So, last weekend, I headed over to my friendly neighborhood lumber dealer and started digging through their shorts and offcuts bins.  After sorting through the stock I came up with this beauty.  It’s a 14″ x 21″ x roughly 1/2″ board of figured walnut.  Sure it’s a bit warped but for $7.00 it will make some pretty wicked veneer.  Were it not destined for inlay, I could see making some striking book matched panels for a cabinet out of it.

Next time you’re at your lumber dealer, have a look through their offcuts.  You might find a diamond in the rough and you’ll be well on your way to being a wood addict.

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